February 15-26. The vPlus Festival is an online festival from Potential Plus UK, full of workshops, webinars and discussions for young people with enquiring minds, their families and schools.

About the DME Trust

Potential Plus UK is working in collaboration with Nasen, the National Association for Special Educational Needs, to establish The DME Trust to improve the lives and education of young people with dual or multiple exceptionality (SEND with high learning potential).

The DME Trust website www.dmetrust.org launched on the 16th February, during the vPlus Festival. The website brings together UK-based information about dual or multiple exceptionality to support teachers, parents and young people.

The DME Trust commissioned a report to look at provision for DME young people. This was also published on 16th February and is available on the website at https://potentialplusuk.org/index.php/dme-trust/the-current-state-of-provision-for-learners-with-dme-report/ . The report is called The Current State of Provision for Learners with DME.

Potential Plus UK also has an online webinar for parents coming up on 7th March: The Double-Edged Sword: An Introduction to DME.

During the festival the DME Trust will be running interactive sessions for children and young people and a webinar for parents.

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Being Me: More than DME
Friday 18th February, 11.30-12.30pm and Monday 21st February, 11.30-12.30pm

Young people with dual or multiple exceptionality – DME (high ability combined with special educational needs or disability) will have an opportunity to take part in an interactive session with Director of The DME Trust, Rebecca Howell. They will explore what DME means to them, what their strengths and interests are and what issues matter to them (these do not have to be DME related). There will then be the opportunity to think about how they could bring about change for the issues that are closest to their heart.

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Supporting Your DME Child
Thursday 17th February, 8.00pm-9.00pm

Does your child have both high learning potential and special educational needs or disabilities? This workshop will consider ways that parents can support young people with dual or multiple exceptionalities (DME). We will talk about finding out more about your child’s profile, how to incorporate your child’s strengths and interests into their learning, strategies to support sensitivities and challenges such as executive functioning, attention difficulties, slow processing, sensory processing difficulties and low self-esteem.

Gold Medal paralympian, Danielle Brown

Sport, A Shortcut To Success – Danielle Brown
Sunday 20th February, 6.00pm-7.00pm

There is a sport out there for everyone, whether we want to be the best in the world, go on an adventure, make new friends, pursue a career as a coach, referee, or scientist, learn a new skill, or stay fit and healthy. Finding a sport that brings us joy has the power to change our lives, and helps us feel happier, healthier and achieve success – both on the sports field and off it.

In this family session, Gold Medal Paralympian and children’s author, Danielle Brown, discusses how young people can develop confidence in their own bodies, abilities and social connections.

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