The vPlus Festival is an online festival from Potential Plus UK, full of workshops, webinars and discussions for young people with enquiring minds, their families and schools.

About the vPlus Festival

About the Festival

When is the Festival?

Potential Plus UK’s fabulous festival for curious and enquiring minds runs from 17th-20th February, 2023.

What is the Festival?

vPlus is Potential Plus UK’s annual online festival of workshops and activities for children with high ability (often displayed through their curiosity, drive, enquiring minds and speed of thought and also known as high learning potential, gifted, more able) and their parents. The festival offers young people the chance to take part in activities with like-minded peers, creates a sense of belonging, reduces feelings of isolation, and helps maintain positive mental health. For parents it gives them the opportunity to meet with other families who ‘get’ their child and understand their experiences.

The vPlus festival is a fundraising event for the charity Potential Plus UK.

Festival Sessions

Delivery is via Zoom and recorded, allowing people who have registered to catch up later if they miss the live presentation.

Our Brilliant Presenters include:
Physicist Jeff Forshaw, Channel 4’s Frank Paul, Comedian Robert White,  illustrator Liz Million…

Over 30 Events including:
Ask a Physicist; Kitchen Cupboard Science;  A Mathematical Treasure Hunt; Mixed up and Alternative Tales; Family Quiz; Wearing Your Uniqueness with Pride; Leadership; Failure is FUN…damental; Overcoming Barriers.

Parents have their own sessions, including:
Living in Harmony with Teenagers; Making a Great Start at Secondary School; Supporting Your Child with DME; Supporting Your Child to Develop Pride in their High Learning Potential Identity.

How to Get Involved

  • Purchase the ticket (£55 per family non-members, £44 per member family and £27.50 for concessionary member families) payment will be taken on Potential Plus UK’s Event Store
  • View our timetables and pick your workshop and/or discussion sessions
  • Log into the Festival website for that day’s link to the Zoom sessions
  • Take part in our daily Lego Challenge – It’s that easy!

Our Zoom workshop sessions will be offered as webinars. Questions and comments may be raised in the chat box by your child or yourself. The chat box will be monitored by the co-host who will pass on questions to the presenter.  Please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Use of the Festival website. It will not be possible, during most sessions, to speak directly with the presenter.

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