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A Mathematical Treasure Hunt – Tom Briggs – Ages 7+

treasure chest being dug up by a silhouette with a square root sign

A Mathematical Treasure Hunt – Tom Briggs – Ages 7+

Ages 7+

Tom has hidden some mathematical puzzles around the internet… but you’ll have to solve some problems to find them! This session will introduce participants to some different types of mathematical puzzle, kicking off a trail to follow that they’ll complete in their own time. This is a new treasure hunt different to that run at the vPlus Festival 2022!

Sessions Materials:

  • An interest in maths and puzzles
  • Access to the Internet

Session Presenter

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs is a massive nerd who is very much in touch with his inner child. This means that his favourite subject is maths, and his favourite way to learn about anything (especially maths) is to play with it until it either breaks, does something weird, or shows him something about the world that he hadn’t realised before. Tom is an experienced maths teacher and freelancer in the world of museum learning who has delivered all sorts of sessions for Potential Plus UK and keeps coming back to do more because he loves it.

Event Hours(1)

  • Sat 18th Feb

    11.30 - 12.30

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