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Animation Club – An Introductory Talk and Demo – Philip Searle – Ages 5+

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Animation Club – An Introductory Talk and Demo – Philip Searle – Ages 5+

Ages 5+

You need imagination and a little bit of skill to ‘Write a story’, ‘Compose, photograph’  and then ‘Edit’ your film. This session is an introduction to what is involved in making your own Stop Frame Animation (think Wallace and Gromit). Philip will show you how you can animate your toys or models and add titles, captions and credits. How to write a story (STORYBOARDS), find CHARACTERS (Toys models and PROPS), add TITLES, ‘splats’ and CAPTIONS and even add a range of SOUNDS!

While Age guidance is 10+, younger children are welcome but may need help to create their animations. Parents are welcome to assist  all ages (under supervision of their children!)

Animation Materials: 

1) A laptop

2) Low cost usb webcam –  ANY typical low cost USB web cams (costing less than £25) examples of webcams include:

(Please note that Potential Plus UK does not endorse any particular webcam or place to buy one)

3) All films will be stored online automatically via the Animation Club account. One sign up Name and password per family. You will be able to use this account for an entire year to make as many animated films as you like and edit them in your own time. Safe, easy and secure.

Cloud Stop Motion (Cloud animation and editing sofware is all online via browser): Details about how to obtain your free login will be available on the Friday day page of the noticeboard.

4) Props – these can be anything you like found in the home. A tin of baked beans being very important!  sticky tape and blu tack are also essential items!

Session Presenter

Philip Searle

Philip Searle

Philip helps run Animation clubs twice a year at Surrey Explorers. He is a schools’ STEM tutor and runs activities related to computing and engineering. He has written two books and makes short animated films in his spare time.

Event Hours(1)

  • Fri 17th Feb

    09.30 - 10.30

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