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Ask a Physicist – Prof. Jeff Forshaw – Family Session

Galaxy NGC 6956

Ask a Physicist – Prof. Jeff Forshaw – Family Session

Family Session

Do you ever wonder what happens in a black hole or what the universe is made of? Do you ever look up at the sky wondering how old the star you are looking at is or simply why physics enables us to study and try to understand from the tiniest electron to the infinite universe; are you fascinated by space and have questions to ask?

Register, receive a link to send your question to Jeff by Wednesday 15th February and he will try to answer as many as he can during his session.

Session Presenter

Professor Jeff Forshaw

Prof. Jeff Forshaw

Potential Plus UK Ambassador Jeff Forshaw, is a particle physicist with a special interest in quantum chromodynamics (QCD). He became Professor at the age of 36, and is currently Professor of Particle Physics at Manchester University. He is also a Scientific Associate at CERN. An accomplished presenter, Professor Jeff captivates audiences with his explanations of the beautiful, but often complex, ideas behind the laws of nature to a general audience. The author of over 100 scientific papers, he has also written several popular science books, including Why Does E=mc2?; The Quantum Universe; Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos and Black Holes: The key to the Universe co-written with Brian Cox. He frequently acts as a science consultant to the BBC and is a columnist for The Observer. Jeff is a recipient of the Maxwell Medal and Prize for his contribution to particle physics, and the Kelvin Prize from the Institute of Physics for his contribution to the public understanding of physics.

Event Hours(1)

  • Fri 17th Feb

    19.15 - 20.15

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