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Brillder: Brilliant Minds – Think You’re Smart? “How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” & “Du Sautoy’s Shortcuts” – Ages 11+

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Brillder: Brilliant Minds – Think You’re Smart? “How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” & “Du Sautoy’s Shortcuts” – Ages 11+

Ages 11+

Join us and Play our Interactive Challenging Bricks

Brillder is an online platform for interactive learning (the challenges are known as bricks). Students will work with a presenter, accessing the Brillder app, looking at information, videos and taking part in interactive quizzes on two different subjects:

1) How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes – Solve three cases, using deduction, logical elimination and evaluating suspects.

2) Du Sautoy’s Shortcuts – Can you think of a way to estimate the population size of badgers in a forest without trying to count them all? How would you measure the height of a tree without having to climb to the top of it? How can the total distance travelled by a group of people be minimised if they all want to meet up? Discover these mathematical tricks based on Marcus du Sautoy’s Thinking Better: The Art of the Shortcut.

Materials Needed: QR Code reader would be useful to quickly access the bricks but URL will be provided.

About Brillder

“Brillder is a new platform with a mission to build brilliant minds. We create challenging interactive activities across several academic subjects on both STEM and Humanities topics. Curious learners seem drawn to the combination of ‘playable’ gamified content and scholarly standards. While the content we create is frequently accessed through organisations like the Sixth Form Colleges Association, it is increasingly clear that high potential children in their early teens and sometimes younger enjoy being stretched by Bricks. Bright children are often frustrated by the narrow, knowledge-based constraints of the school curriculum – especially pre-16. The worst pedagogical crime is to be boring and to lose the interest of capable learners who are simply not challenged by the curriculum for their year group or subjects. With Brillder’s three levels of difficulty (Foundation, Core and Extension), the aim is to cater to and encourage the right level of challenge for each learner. To find out more visit https://brillder.com/ or contact us at [email protected]

Session Presenter

Joe Francis

Joe Francis (CEO Brillder)

Joe is an author, educator, entertainer and chicken fancier. Formerly Senior Master at Eton College, where he was Head of English, he has twice been a Head Teacher. In 2019 he launched Brillder, a tech vision determined to deliver challenging and engaging interactive EdTech for Britain’s aspirational teens, whatever their background. https://brillder.com/

Event Hours(1)

  • Fri 18 Feb

    14.00 - 15.00

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