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Computer Coding Club – An Online Hands-On Activity – Philip Searle – Ages 5+

Children at a computer

Computer Coding Club – An Online Hands-On Activity – Philip Searle – Ages 5+

Ages 5+

How to write and understand computer code. Learn how to make interactive games and learn key concepts for simple BLOCK coding on your laptop or desktop. Its hands-on, so you will need a working keyboard and mouse! Learn how to draw computer graphics and make your own simple games using block programming that look like LEGO bricks! Learn how to make easy interactive and FUN games. We shall be linking to online coding sites Philip uses in schools.

Session Details: We shall learn how computer programming works (with demonstrations you can try at home). We shall learn how to DRAW on screen (or use a mouse). What to do and how to IMPORT a drawing (from another program). Learn how to control your games using KEYBOARD controls and even add captions and SOUNDS to your game.

Philip is the author of the ‘Lets Get Coding Book’ for children. All families who sign up to this activity will receive a coupon for this FREE e-book direct from the Publishers.

Philip will also be supplying a free log-in to his Coding book website to session attendees to practice coding and easily play his demonstration games.

Note from Philip: This may over run the hour… be prepared! – allow two hours for this!

Session Materials: 

Any computer Mac or PC with internet. Philip will be using a Chrome Browser but most browsers will also work.  You will need a working mouse and to ensure that your keyboard works OK.  To make it easier to follow and code,  it is suggested that this online talk is on a spare computer (say) laptop for ONLINE ZOOM talk and the Coding (hand on) is on another (say) desktop computer – but this is ONLY if you have two computers at home!

Session Presenter

Philip Searle

Philip Searle

Philip runs daily Computer club activities at primary to secondary school level. He is a schools’ STEM tutor and runs activities relating to computing and engineering. He has written two illustrated books and makes simple computer games in his spare time for children.

Event Hours(1)

  • Sat 18th Feb

    14.00 - 15.00

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