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Emotional Self-Regulation – Andrea Anguera – Parent Session B

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Emotional Self-Regulation – Andrea Anguera – Parent Session B

Parent Session B

This session will look at emotional regulation in young people with high learning potential  Learn about emotional overexcitability, how supporting a child’s self-awareness and self-regulation need to come before working on other areas, what the zones of regulation are and how to deal with anger at home. There will be time to talk to other parents about how emotional regulation affects your child(ren) and to learn from others about what works for them.

Session Presenter

Andrea Anguera

Andrea Anguera

Andrea is Potential Plus UK’s Assessment Service Manager; she has been carrying out the High Learning Potential and Early Years Assessments since 2013 and now manages the assessment service. She also provides workshop training for families and professionals in events, such as the Big Family Weekend. Andrea is a psychology graduate and holds an MSc in Psychology of Education with University College London. Andrea is also the mother of two children with exceptionally high learning potential.

Event Hours(1)

  • Sun 19th Feb

    20.30 - 21.30

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