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The Hedgehog of Happiness (a mindful crafting session) – Nikki Parsler – Ages 7+

hedgehog book

The Hedgehog of Happiness (a mindful crafting session) – Nikki Parsler – Ages 7+

Ages 7-12

During this session we will be transforming an old book into a decorative hedgehog ornament. We will be filling our hedgehog full of positive memories, funny things and ideas. Creating the hedgehog shape is very simple but takes a little patience and manual dexterity to fold and crease the pages. If you want to join in, there will be an opportunity to chat at this time about what makes you happy – or hedgehogs – or hedgehogs which make you happy!  Once you have the basic shape it can be decorated to personal choice using whatever items you have available.

You might like to use a book which is meaningful to you – perhaps one that you have enjoyed in the past but have now outgrown – or a spare copy of a favourite story. However, please be aware that the book will be turned into an ornamental item during the session so don’t use one you want to read again!

Session Materials: 

  • An old book with roughly 150-200 pages in it. (Regular A5 ish sized black and white paperbacks are easiest to work with; but hardbacks or those with coloured pages can also be used)
  • A pack or two of small ‘post it’ notes (or similar sticky notes) – more than one colour if you want. Big enough to write a few words or short phrase on.
  • Scissors, glue (PVA type works better than Pritt stick), writing pens/pencil
  • Small craft/collage items such as buttons, ribbon, felt scraps, pompoms, pipe cleaners, feathers, coloured paper/card, colouring pens – whatever you have around!
  • Optional – a large bit of felt or craft foam – as big as the cover of the book.

Session Presenter

Nikki Parsler

Nikki Parsler

Nikki Parsler is a qualified teacher who has been involved with Potential Plus UK for many years. Initially as a parent of high learning potential children; then as a volunteer running children’s activities; and, in more recent years, as one of Potential Plus UK’s educational assessors. In her spare time she enjoys crafting and is a bit of a horse nut.

Event Hours(1)

  • Fri 17th Feb

    11.30 - 12.30

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