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Home Education – the Law, the Future and the Day-to-Day – Nicola and Michael Speranza – Parent Session

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Home Education – the Law, the Future and the Day-to-Day – Nicola and Michael Speranza – Parent Session

Parent Session

For many children of high ability, school feels very much like being a square peg in a round hole. So what are the alternatives? Join parents, Nicola and Michael Speranza, who home educated their daughter until 2020 (when she moved back into full-time education to do her ‘A’ levels). Discover the legalities and practicalities of stepping outside of the school system and look at what might be the future of home education in England. This session includes opportunities for Q&A / general discussion about home education – you could even ask about how to cope with being your child’s full-time taxi driver!

Session Presenters

Nicola and Michael Speranza

Michael and Nicola Speranza

Michael and Nicola are often proud but occasionally exhausted parents to Mia, whose travels through the school system in search of somewhere she would fit (and her subsequent disenchantment with the whole process) could provide ample fodder for a book. Until 2020 when Mia returned to full time education (Mia is now in her last year of A-levels) Michael and Nicola spent most of their time pretending to home educate Mia while she went off and very much did her own thing, which for the most part involved driving her around the country to all the fun stuff she did. Thinking about it, nothing much has changed.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tues 22nd Feb

    20.00 - 21.00

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