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Bonus Video – How Do Aeroplanes Fly? – Rowan Bendall – Ages 7+

aeroplane flying over a city

Bonus Video – How Do Aeroplanes Fly? – Rowan Bendall – Ages 7+

Ages 7+

This Bonus Video from the 2022 festival will be available to view 17th-20th February 2023

This is a session for all budding aviators and curious passengers – answering such questions as – How do aeroplanes get airborne, what keeps them up there, why is it bumpy, what’s that funny noise, and how do the pilots know where they are when it’s cloudy?

Starting with an introduction to the physics of flight, we will explore the forces involved, the main flight manoeuvres, and the influence of factors such as weight of the loaded aircraft, weather, and aircraft design on the flight path. The types of engine – piston, turboprop and jet – as well as navigation and other aircraft systems, will also be introduced, and there will be some time for your questions too.

Session Presenter

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Rowan Bendall

Having flown aeroplanes for the last 20 years, Rowan found herself without gainful employment at the beginning of the pandemic. She has redesigned her life from the ground up, and has now knitted herself a new career or two drawing upon her experience as a trainer and facilitator, her love of music, her interests in psychology and learning, and her appreciation of living with the day-to-day quirks and challenges of raising and home educating two kids in a high learning potential family. She is now freelancing as a facilitator; trainer; orchestrator and arranger; performer; resource, life, employment and personal development coach and recruiter. In her spare time, she administrates the Global Cello Project and manages NHS trust mobile wellbeing lounge bookings and is an on-call operations manager for Project Wingman, a charity providing wellbeing spaces, and lots and lots of cups of tea for exhausted front line NHS workers on its fleet of double decker buses!

Event Hours(1)

  • Sun 19th Feb

    09.00 - 09.01

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