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Bonus Video – How to Be Successful – Bobby Seagull – Family Session

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Bonus Video – How to Be Successful – Bobby Seagull – Family Session

Family Session

This Bonus Video from the 2021 festival will be available to view 17th-20th February 2023

In this session, Bobby will show you how your mindset can help unlock your potential. He’ll also share how he prepares his mind to take on the puzzles and quizzes he loves so much!

Session Presenter

Bobby seagull

Bobby Seagull

Maths educator Bobby Seagull is a Potential Plus UK Ambassador.  Co-presenter of the podcast @MathsAppeal, and of the BBC TV Series Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Great Britain he is also author of The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers and co-author of The Monkman & Seagull Quiz Book, as well as a regular contributor to Radio Four’s PuzzleForToday and a columnist for the Financial Times. Before moving into education, he was an investment banking trader at Lehman Brothers and Nomura and is a qualified Chartered Accountant from PwC. Bobby is a national Library Champion and an ambassador for the charity National Numeracy, as well as co-founder of the social enterprise OxFizz.

Event Hours(1)

  • Fri 17th Feb

    16.30 - 16.31

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