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Kind Or Mean? Which Voice In Your Head Is In Charge? – Kathryn Lovewell – Family Session

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Kind Or Mean? Which Voice In Your Head Is In Charge? – Kathryn Lovewell – Family Session

Family Session

Do you have a kind voice in your head, encouraging and supporting you?  Or do you have a mean voice in your head, telling you to “do better” “work harder” or “be normal!”?  It can be very challenging to navigate the critical voice, especially if you are perceived as ‘different’.  Kathryn will explore the critical voice and the negative impact it can have on mental and emotional health and overall well-being. 

Through simple exercises and an even simpler philosophy, she will share ways in which you can calm your judgemental voice (which is perfectly natural) whether you are a child, teen or adult, and develop ways to soothe the pain that can occur when things are difficult or go wrong.  Learn all about her two book characters Crusher and Booster and discover how you can cultivate a kinder voice inside your head, that will lift you up when you’re feeling down.  This workshop is for the whole family.  Everyone has a critical and compassionate voice.  We all need help sometimes, to turn up the volume on the kind voice! 

Session Materials: Pen and paper.  Colouring pens optional.

Session Presenter

Kathryn Lovewell

Kathryn Lovewell          

Kathryn Lovewell is the founder of Kind Mind Academy and a Senior Mindful Self-Compassion teacher.   She is the best-selling author of The Little Book of Self-Compassion – a gentle introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion; The Voices in my Head! – a children’s book about self-compassion and Every Teacher Matters, Inspiring Well-being through Mindfulness – a self-care book for educators.

She runs 1-2-1 Compassion Consciousness Coaching and is a founding volunteer teacher of the Global Circles of Practice. Her ultimate goal is to inspire parents and children to learn the language of Booster, the compassionate voice, so that they can tend kindly to themselves no matter what happens in their life.

Kathryn is very happily married to Liz and between them have 3 sons.  With the 2 eldest identified as having high learning potential at a young age, both pursuing various passions, engineering, climbing and travel; plus one entrepreneurial son, who coaches footy.  They bring her so much joy!

Event Hours(1)

  • Mon 20th Feb

    19.15 - 20.15

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