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Bonus Video – Making the Best Connections – Olivia Smith – Family Session

Only connect wall

Bonus Video – Making the Best Connections – Olivia Smith – Family Session

Family Session

This Bonus Video from the 2022 festival will be available to view 17th-20th February 2023

The BBC show Only Connect has grown a strong following of viewers, many of whom at first find the dastardly puzzles posed totally baffling but quickly strangely addictive. In this session, we will look at one of the show’s signature games, the Connecting Wall, trying some out and analysing their success, ultimately trying to create our own – what criteria result in the best kind of these lateral thinking challenges?

Materials Required: Pen and print out of 4×4 grid – link to follow/ paper

Session Presenter

Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

After completing a Masters’ in Engineering, Olivia has spent all of her working life in education, much of it as a Maths Teacher but, over twenty years, she has diversified across subjects, age-ranges, sectors and perspectives.
Olivia’s Potential Plus UK journey began at a Big Family Weekend, an event she stumbled across when looking for stimulating and challenging weekend pursuits for her insatiably curious elder daughter. So began an ongoing relationship with Potential Plus UK as a parent which has proved equally beneficial for daughter number two and inspirational for her personally. Further study into ‘gifted and talented’ education followed, as well as championing the cause of children with high learning potential in all the schools she has worked both in and with. Olivia trained with Potential Plus UK to carry out educational assessments and to deliver workshops for teachers and parents before taking on the role of Events Coordinator in 2018.

Event Hours(1)

  • Mon 20th Feb

    16.30 - 16.31

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