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Mixed Up and Alternative Tales – Liz Million – Ages 3-7

compilation of Liz Million drawings

Mixed Up and Alternative Tales – Liz Million – Ages 3-7

Ages 3-7

Bored of the same old traditional stories and fairy tales where wolves and witches are the always bad guys? Sick of seeing Granny getting gobbled up or Goldilocks get away with everything? Join fantastic illustrator and author, Liz Million to create hilarious cartoony characters and scenarios that rewrite the classics and will have you cackling along at home.

Session Materials:  Plenty of A4/A3 plain paper. Sharp pencils to draw with, maybe some colouring pencils, eraser and a sense of humour!

Session Presenter

Liz Million

Liz Million

Liz Million is a lively illustrator and author based in the north east of England. Usually when Liz isn’t working in her studio, she enjoys travelling the globe working with children in schools and libraries. She has successfully zoomed into thousands of peoples homes making them chuckle and teaching them how to draw like an illustrator. Liz’s aim in life is to firstly make children smile and to also rediscover their passions for art.

Event Hours(1)

  • Sat 18th Feb

    09.30 - 10.30

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