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Wearing Your Uniqueness with Pride! – Alex Hendra – Teens

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Wearing Your Uniqueness with Pride! – Alex Hendra – Teens


Does it sometimes feel like you are an alien living on an entirely different planet to the other young people around you? Are you fed up with being told you are over-sensitive, over-thinking, over-talkative, over-anxious, over-active, over-this and over- that!? Do you wish that someone would just understand?  In this session we are going to do a bit of thinking together about what it means to have High Learning Potential. You will learn a bit about the Neurodiversity Movement and how people who think and learn differently are pushing back to tell the world how proud we are of being different. Come and share your quirky differences with a group of people who will appreciate them and help you think about just how great they make you!

Session Materials: pens and paper, jam jar

Session Presenter

Alex Hendra

Alex Hendra

Alex Hendra is the parent of a teenager with high learning potential and has been a trainer for Potential Plus UK for the past 3 years. She is also a business and leadership consultant. Proudly neurodivergent herself, she specialises in working with organisations run directly by Disabled or neurodivergent people. She is passionate about supporting people to draw on rights and strengths to get past societal barriers to success, so they can reach aspirations and potential.

Event Hours(1)

  • Sun 19th Feb

    14.00 - 15.00

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