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Simone de Hoogh

Simone de Hoogh

Simone de Hoogh

Session Presenter


Simone de Hoogh is the founding director of PowerWood and is an ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education, Parenting and Educational consultant and Life Coach with more than 20 years experience of working with highly able and neurodiverse children, teens and adults. Over the years she has developed the Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT) that helps to understand and feel compassion towards our child (and ourselves as parents) and enables us to strategically support our child to develop independent emotional regulation skills.

MERT underpins many simple strategies and tools we can use directly to support our children in directing positively the energy associated with neurodiversity towards self-chosen goals. You can read Simone’s blogs and contact her at [email protected].


Supporting Our Child to Get in Charge of Their Emotional Reactions – Parent Session. Friday 18th February, 20.00-21.00